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Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) mainly finds application in the metal-working and chemicals industries. Combined with water, it reacts to form alkaline caustic soda.


Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) – also known as caustic soda – is a white granulate available as flakes or pearls. It is produced mainly through electrolysis.

NaOH is a colourless, odourless solid that easily dissolves in water. This compound results in alkaline caustic soda.

Examples of applications

NaOH is frequently dissolved in water to produce alkaline caustic soda. Both sodium hydroxide and caustic soda find application in the production of paper, soap and cleaning agents. Sodium hydroxide is also used to clean industrial equipment – especially furnaces and piping systems. In addition, NaOH is suitable for degreasing sheetmetal and is therefore often used in metal working.

Product characteristics

  • granules
  • flakes


  • 1,000 kg bigs bags
  • 25 kg net bags

Other packaging solutions possible by agreement.


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